Contributions to Preliminary Results of Power Development Plan VIII


Recently, MOIT has organized several workshops to announce partially the preliminary results of the PDP8. The draft PDP8 has been receiving the attention of the experts as well as the economic entities related to the power sector.

The published contents demonstrate the enormous efforts of the management personnel of the Electricity and Renewable Energy Authority and the experts from the Institute of Energy in developing the strategy for the development of Vietnam’s Power Sector to 2045. The draft PDP8 is the result of the integrated studies with the aim to ensure the development of power systems in each of the planning periods, by regions as well as nationwide reliably and affordably while minimizing the negative environmental impacts.

As an independent think-tank, with the goal of becoming a bridge between research and policy to accelerate the transition of Vietnam’s energy system in a reliable and sustainable manner, the Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition and the experts would like to contribute our 07 recommendations for the PDP8.
We hope that our contributions will be taken, assessed, and discussed to have suitable solutions for the development trend of the power sector to meet the demand for socio-economic advancements of Vietnam in the future.

The contents and dataset using in this report is copyrighted.