Notes on recent energy related climate policy of Vietnam


Abstract: This report reviews some recent energy policies/plans for intensely understanding about the country’s climate targets in the energy sector. These policies/plans include: (1) Resolution 55 by the Politburo of Vietnam in Feb 2020, (2) the National Energy Efficiency Programme 2019-2030 (VNEEP3) by the Government in 2019, (3) Power Development Plan 7 revised (PDP7 revised) by the Government in 2016, (4) the Viet Nam’s Renewable Energy Development Strategy (RE Strategy) by the Government 2015, and (5) Nationally Determined Contributions of Viet Nam (NDCs) by the Government in 2015.

The contents and dataset using in this report is copyrighted. Please cite as:
«VIET SE (2020), Notes on recent energy-related climate policy of Vietnam, Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition, Hanoi».