Option for Wind Power in Vietnam in 2030


Vietnam has excellent wind resources, and the cost of producing electricity from wind has decreased continuously over the past decade. After the feed-in tariff for onshore wind power was raised to 8.5 UScents/kWh in 2018, the sector is finally taking off. The inventory of existing onshore wind power projects in Vietnam shows that the sector is on track to meet government targets for 2020 and 2025.

In this report, we explored three scenarios for wind power development in Vietnam through 2030. We found that by 2030 wind power installed capacity could be 12–15 GW onshore and 10–12 GW offshore. This has three policy implications.

First, Vietnam’s next power development plan provides an important opportunity to increase at low costs the level of ambition of wind power development.

Second, flexibility should be the guiding principle of the plan.

Third, to realize the large potential of offshore wind power, infrastructure planning has to start soon.