Policy recommendations for offshore wind power development in Vietnam


Summary: Vietnam is a country with high potential in offshore wind energy resources and development. There have been many documents to guide the development of the marine economy and exploit the potential of developing wind power and other forms of renewable energy in Vietnam’s marine and coastal areas, but the actual implementation roadmap needs to be specified. In order to seize the opportunity to promote offshore wind power, Vietnam needs to realise its development strategy through the National Marine Spatial Planning (MSP), the National Power Development Plan (PDP), the Master Plan for Development of National Seaport Systems, and the National Urban and Regional Plan; and to build specific and detailed roadmaps for each Plan in conjunction with the offshore wind development. Vietnam also needs to develop a legal basis to grant necessary licenses for offshore wind power projects and supporting mechanisms such as appropriate offshore wind bidding mechanism, coordination mechanisms among ministries, sectors and province in the decision-making process. A mechanism to stimulate the development of offshore wind power markets is also recommended in this report.

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«Vietnam Initiative for Energy Transition. 2020. Policy recommendations for offshore wind energy development in Vietnam».