Options for green hydrogen development in Vietnam


Green hydrogen is clean fuel produced from renewable sources through electrolysis and contributes to the targets of emission reduction and economic growth. Currently, several countries, such as Japan, China, EU… announced their green hydrogen development strategy with specific goals in the mid-and-long terms as a prominent solution towards emissions reduction, and curbing global warming.

In the context of Vietnam’s efforts towards the net-zero target by 2050, domestic green hydrogen production is considered one of the key solutions for the energy transition. Green hydrogen will contribute to energy diversification, help increase the flexibility of the energy system, as well as providing a good fuel option for the industrial production and transport sector.

The current policies of Vietnam have laid an essential foundation for the potential development of green hydrogen in the future. However, this industry is still relatively new in Vietnam, requiring specific policies to attract capital, production, and demand. Based on the analysis of international lessons learned, energy efficiency, technological readiness, and hydrogen demand under different scenarios, the study proposes a development strategy for green hydrogen in Vietnam.