VIET launching 2019 recap

On 19-09-2019, VIET organized the launch event in Hanoi. The event gathered and bridged nearly 100 participants, including policymakers, journalists, energy experts, and coordinators from NGOs, MOIT and EVN members… The VIET launch event is an opportunity to introduce the research orientations that VIET can contribute to Vietnam, and also presents some outstanding studies since its establishment. This is also an opportunity for exchanges between the community of researchers, at home and abroad, and with policymakers in the field of energy in Vietnam.

Ms. Ngo To Nhien – VIET Executive Director gave an opening speech. As an independent think tank, we act as a bridge between research and policy, with a mission to accelerate the transition of Vietnamese energy system in a sustainable and reliable manner.

Opening speech by Ms. Ngo To Nhien, VIET Executive Director

Dr. Ha Duong Minh – VIET Chairman introduced the VIET mission and goals from its creation. Initially created in August 2018, VIET provide research, expertise, consultancy and training. VIET’s achievements throughout last 12 months include:

  • 01 peer review publication on “Reducing emissions of the fast growing Vietnamese coal sector: the chances offered by biomass co-firing”.
  • 02 PhD thesis on biomass energy in Vietnam and household electricity demand
  • 02 policy briefs on RE Law and Auctions in Vietnam and Seven insights for Vietnam’s power sector energy transition
  • 05 presentations at international and national workshop, forum on Energy and Sustainable Development.
  • 06 organized events including workshop, round table, capacity building related to the topic Energy and Sustainable Development.

Ông Rainer Brohm – Điều phối viên quốc tế, đại diện Ban Thư ký Nhóm Đối tác Năng lượng Việt Nam (VEPG) đã chia sẻ quan điểm của mình về vai trò của tổ chức nghiên cứu độc lập đối với việc ra quyết định hỗ trợ, hợp tác vô cùng có giá trị và hiệu quả.

Bài giới thiệu VIET do Tiến sĩ Hà Dương Minh, Chủ tịch VIET trình bày

Mr. Rainer Brohm – International Coordinator, representative of Vietnam Energy Partnership Group (VEPG) Secretariat shared his point of view about the role of independent research organization for the support decision making as a very valuable and fruitful cooperation.

Mr. Markus Steigenberger – Deputy Executive Director, representative of Agora, German think tank insisted that the distinction between a think tank and some other research institute is the “speed” since the policy process sometimes requires a very short time and a concise answer.

Mr. Nguyen Trinh Hoang Anh – VIET Co-founder introduced VIET’s research network such as: International Network of Energy Transition Think Tanks (INETTT), Network of Vietnamese oversea experts, International research institutes, Network of research institutes in Vietnam.

VIET suggest seven insights for Vietnam’s power sector energy transition, as presented by Ms. Truong An Ha:

  • The next Power Development Plan 8 is the historical opportunity to chart the way towards a low-carbon society.
  • Increasing efficiency in energy supply and demand benefits economic growth.
  • Solar and wind electricity generation costs are competitive with those of fossil fuels.
  • Renewable energy targets will be achieved and can be increased with proper policies.
  • Solar and wind electric system integration: now is the time to solve it with flexible generation and demand managements.
  • Power market reforms are necessary to attract investment in energy sources, and private capital prefers renewable energy sources.
  • Power from gas is cleaner but does not resolve the energy security issue.
Panel discussion: Energy planning – scenarios series. From left to right: Ms. Ngo Thi To Nhien (VIET), Mr. Tran Viet Nguyen (EVN) and Mr. Tran Hong Ky (WB)

Ms. Ngo To Nhien moderated the final panel discussion on different interesting topics: (i) Transition in energy supply mix, (ii) Transition trends in investment for future energy supply, (iii) Transition in energy demand, with two senior experts Mr. Tran Viet Nguyen (EVN) and Mr. Tran Hong Ky (WB).

The overall VIET launching event was very appreciated by different participants, even for the organization and the event’s content.